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Grease Trap Pumping

In the US alone there were over 40,000 occasions of sewer overflow caused by grease blockage in sewer lines, causing natural resources to be contaminated and unsafe. This can be avoided by cleaning your grease trap on a regular basis. As specialized plumbers, we have first hand experience in the cleaning and disposing of grease trap contents and can assist you.

Suwanee Grease Trap Pumping

Grease traps, also known as grease recovery devices and grease interceptors, are devices that collect most solids and grease before entering into a water disposal system. Wastewater is made up of small amounts of oils that enter into a septic tank forming a layer of scum. Large amounts of this can overwhelm a septic tank causing it to overflow into the environment. Grease traps were created to avoid this and to reduce the amount of oils, fats, and greases that enter main sewers. We provide not only plumbing services but also grease trap maintenance and cleaning for your convenience. Our plumbers are specialized in the techniques and procedures that are needed for this task.

Duluth Grease Trap Cleaning

Traditional grease traps need to be emptied so that sewer overflow may be eliminated. This can be achieved by pumping or scooping out the contents of the grease trap and taking it to a landfill or special disposal location. This is not an easy task. Also, if contents of the grease trap are not properly disposed, you can be greatly fined for the improper disposal.

Gwinnett Clogged Drain

Grease traps should be left up to the professionals to handle with urgency and accuracy so that larger problems of contamination and sewage overflow does not occur. If you are a business or restaurant owner in need of help with a grease trap, do not hesitate to call and we will send out a highly trained and qualified plumber to assist you!